Winter Skin Care – How to Winterize Your Skin

Winter Skin Care – How to Winterize Your Skin

The effect of seasonal weather changes, mainly during the chill month, can take an important toll on your skin. Facial skin ravaged by exposure to the elements can exhibit symptoms of flaking, dryness, itching and even scaly, sore patches. Taking a realistic approach to caring for your skin during these months will help you reject the most horrible impact that chill months can have on your skin.

First and foremost, your excellent defense for winter skin care is protection

Even during the icy months, you actually need to continue to use SPF 15 or better sunscreen when outside.  The reflection of the sun off ice and snow can be particularly destroying. Wearing a scarf can be simply pulled up to save the cheeks and bottom portion of your face is also a supportive preventative measure to restrict the skins exposure to the elements.

Maintaining the skins moisture content during the icy months is also critical

The skin is generally well hydrated after a steaming facial or hot shower. Quickly seal in the moisture with a skin cream top in emollients. Moisturizers keep the skin coordinated while providing protection against the bad effects of the cold. The drier the skin becomes, the more continually a moisturizer should be applied.

To treat any of those extremely scaly, dry patches that might develop, use a petroleum based product on the affected places before bed. Trust it or not, plain old Vaseline works wonders on cracked, stubborn dry, and flaking skin. Unluckily, most people cringe at the idea of using Vaseline of their face, thinking that it will block pores and, in general, have a bad effect on the skin. Vaseline and similar petroleum based products offer a insulating, protective barrier for the skin on those frigid, windy days when used a light coat to the lips and face.

Finally, for those annoying patches of skin that persistently plague your despite your top efforts, an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment has important healing effects on skin that is sore and cracked. Fry the very dry, itchy and flaking spots on OTC hydrocortisone cream can offer both relief from the itching and diminish flaking, dry symptoms.

Please keep in mind that if your situation persists, it is top to talk with a physician to find the top remedy for your particular skin situation.