The Natural Properties of Walnut Oil in Skin Care

The Natural Properties of Walnut Oil in Skin Care

Although walnut oil is used in cookery, it is an amazing skin care oil that leaves your skin feeling perfect and soft, and you feeling amazing. When you consider that its big ingredients include Omega-3 fatty acids that are extremely easily absorbed by the skin, it is pretty surprise that this oil is such a famous natural skin care product.

A big issue with the commercial skin care lotions and oils accessible in most stores is that they contain synthetic chemicals such as surfactants and detergents that can annoy your skin. You might not see at first, but later might feel a tightening as your skin dries up. This drying sensation is caused by the astringency of many new and affordable skin care items produced with cheap mass-produced chemicals.

This is not the case with skin care items based upon walnut oil. This is because rather than containing detergents that clean your skin fairly harshly, this is what is famous as a regenerative oil that is particularly successful on more mature skin where it possesses slight acidic properties that kills of useless skin bacteria. Although it is particularly successful on which is usually known as acne skin, walnut oil is also effective in soothing eczema and sunburned skin.

It is also a very smooth oil that makes your best skin feel pampered in luxury, and the perfect solution to an evening in yourself with a long warm bath, a glass of wine a box of chocolates. And a body rub with wonderful aromatic luxurious walnut oil.

You would not get that with any of the many commercial items that claim to do the same as walnut oil. Be alert when you buy walnut oil skin care items and check the label perfectly for any synthetic ingredients. This contains nothing only walnut oil.

When checking labels, look particularly for laureth sulfate, lauryl sulfate, that is a chemical foam stabilizer that can damage your skin and even cause hair loss. You will find this surfactant in bath items because it is very affordable and is used in several different types of cosmetic item that involve foam. This is just one example of the type of ingredient that you can find in artificial cosmetic items that you will not find in natural ones.

Walnut oil is definitely free of artificial chemicals, and too is used in bath products such as bath oils, also in lotions, lip balms, body and face creams. It is also used in anti-wrinkles creams for the skin around the mouth and eyes, and also as a massage oil.